Over the last year I have been immersing myself in a unique and wonderous landscape, performing quiet ceremonies to the nature within and around me. Part of my response to this transformational process is being exhibited throughout autumn 2021 as part of the Living Landscape artist’s trail at The HopBarn centre for contemporary culture in rural Nottinghamshire.


My journey with this Living Landscape began in September 2020 at the time of the autumn equinox. I walked the trail alone one evening and lost myself in the strength and serenity of an ancient willow. The mesmirising stillness and wisdom received in that moment fuelled many hours of further embodied contemplation, foraging and deep listening.

Shortly before this experience I had watched the film Sunset Song, a line from which reads “and there in the gloaming, she realised that she WAS the land”. I felt the impact of these words as I sat with the willow and it’s message to BE where you are, to BE who you are, FREE as you are by Surrendering illusions of seperateness. Elementally, I AM the land.

It was a powerful transmission after 6 months of global pandemic.

Initial Explorations – photo credit Rose Perkins

Since the spring equinox in March 2021 I have been collaborating with visual artist Sam Hook, together we have created a six part Post Performance Photographic Artwork titled Surrender which has been installed in the landscape along a beautiful nature trail, alongside work by ten other artists and makers.

Surrender (part five) – Hook & Harris

Curator Angie Atmadjaja has produced a short video about the trail, which features one of her exquisite musical compositions. Event information and booking details can be found HERE. Each slot booked covers exclusive access to the trail for two people, extra tickets can be added.



Working more closely with the seasons, elements and land than ever before led me to undertake a self directed creative residency in June at The Emergence Centre for residencies, reatreats and workshops near Machynlleth, Wales where I worked with artist / coach / facilitator / rites of passage guide Fern Smith.

It was a powerful and transformational time of contemplation, ceremony, elemental collaboration, deep listening, creative questions, taking responsibility, and strengthening focus, courage & balance.

The traces of my time in Wales are now infusing my research and actions for further clearing, collaboration, community and creative approaches to freedom. Find out more HERE